Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

One of the leading causes of hearing loss can occur due to a sudden or prolonged exposure to loud noise(s). This noise induced hearing loss is typically not identified until a patient notices changes in their hearing sensitivity, and this change is typically permanent.

Although this change in hearing sensitivity is usually irreversible, it is extremely important to protect the hearing that remains or attempt to prevent it from occurring in the first place. This fact is especially significant for those who are exposed to noisy environments on a regular basis. Those that are at a higher risk for noise exposure include: hunters/target shooters, motorcyclists, those working with heavy machinery, musicians, pilots, and construction workers. The best way to protect your hearing from these environments is through the use of hearing protection.

While over-the-counter earplugs and headphones offer some protection, custom hearing protection offers the maximum protection for noise exposure, as well as a comfortable fit that is molded specifically for your ears.

Custom earmolds

Custom earmolds are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures, with some molds being soft and spongy and others solid. The most common styles of custom earmolds are full shell and helf shell. Full shell earmolds fill the entire opening of the ear and are best for high levels of noise exposure, while half shell molds fill just the lower portion of the ear and are best for a moderate level of noise exposure. The type of earmold recommended will depend upon the patient’s specific needs.

There are some earmolds that are available with a filtered attenuator that allows for verbal communication, while still protecting hearing. This style of earmold is most popular with musicians and others who work in noisy environments and are available in electric and non-electric options.

If you are unable to feel comfortable or secure with over-the-counter or off-the-shelf earmolds, custom earmold may be for you. These earmolds are contoured to your ears and offer some the best hearing protection available.

Custom earplugs

While custom earmolds fill both the canal and portions or the outer ear, custom earplugs are designed to be worn in the canal only. This form of hearing protection can be solid or allow for more sound to pass through. These earplugs can be specialized for musicians and medical professionals who want to protect their hearing without compromising hearing their surroundings.

While non-custom earplugs are available, custom earplugs are typically more comfortable as they are molded to your ear. These plugs can be equipped with handles or detachable cords for extra security.

Although custom earmolds and earplugs are typically used for those protecting themselves from high levels of noise exposure, options are also available for other hobbies and activities such as swimming.

Our goal is to find the right hearing protection solution to fit your lifestyle and activities. Your hearing is not only important to you, but all of those whom you communicate with. Due to this fact is vital to protect your hearing today and for the future. Speak with your hearing specialist today about the right solution for you.