Ear, Nose and Throat Services

Golla ENT specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose, and throat disorders, including allergies, sleep apnea and snoring, hearing disorders, voice disorders, endoscopic sinus surgery, head and neck surgery and more. We provide compassionate care to children and adults.


Allergy ear infection

Uncontrolled allergies can create fluid in the ear and create a favorable environment for ear infections. Not only are ear infections uncomfortable, but they can also put your hearing at risk.

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Allergy sore throat

Postnasal drip from uncontrolled allergies is irritating to the throat. Golla ENT will help you control your allergies to alleviate your sore throat.

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Food allergies

Sometimes the immune system gets confused. Food allergy is caused when your body misidentifies foods. Golla ENT provides comprehensive testing to identify food and environmental allergy triggers.

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Chronic sinusitis

Swelling in the lining of the sinusitis can cause intense pain and make breathing difficult. Get relief from the pain and the swelling with treatment from Golla ENT.

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Ear infections, Meniere’s Disease, allergies and other ear disorders that affect the inner ear can throw you off balance and lead to feelings of dizziness. Golla ENT expertly diagnoses the cause of your dizziness and provides medical and surgical treatment.

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When the muscles in your face, lips, tongue and throat are weak, breathing and talking is difficult. Breathe easier and speak clearer with treatment from Golla ENT.

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A runny nose in the morning or a runny nose that just doesn’t go away can be caused by allergies. Golla ENT can identify your allergies and provide a treatment plan to get allergy symptoms under control.

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Ear infection

Colds, allergies and other problems that affect the middle ear can cause infection. Chronic infection is not only painful; it can lead to hearing loss. Medical and surgical interventions resolve the causes of the infection.

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Surfer’s ear

Chronic cold water exposure can cause bony growth around the tympanic membrane. Surfers, kayakers, divers and others with prolonged exposure to cold water are at risk.

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Swimmer’s ear

Water in the middle ear provides a breeding ground for bacteria. Get treatment for swimmer’s ear and custom earplugs to prevent exposure to water from Golla ENT.

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Ringing in the ears that interferes with sleep and hearing can cause emotional distress and have a negative impact on your quality of life. Find tinnitus treatments and therapies to calm tinnitus at Golla ENT.

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Spinning dizziness can be caused by problems with the inner ear. Treatment from Golla ENT can get you back on firm footing.

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Nose and Mouth

Loss of smell

Temporary loss of smell may occur with a cold. But when loss of smell lingers long after the cold, its time to see the ENT. Polyps, allergies and infections can interfere with your ability to smell.

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Nose bleeds

Allergies and anatomical problems and abnormalities in the nasal passages can cause chronic nosebleeds. Children may have more nose bleeds than adults.

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Infection in the sinuses can be the result of a cold, virus or allergies. Sinusitis can be relentless and interfere with work and school. Medical and surgical treatments bring relief.

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Snoring can interfere with your quality of sleep and be a nuisance to your partner. Golla ENT will determine the cause of your snoring and provide treatment options.

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Stuffy nose

A stuffy nose is more than a nuisance. It’s a sign of uncontrolled allergies. Identify and control your allergies and breathe easier with treatment from Golla ENT.

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Head and Neck


Allergies and infections can inflame the vocal cords. Chronic laryngitis is resolved by treating the underlying cause of the inflammation.

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Difficulty swallowing

Frequent choking while eating and pain when swallowing are signs of dysphagia. Endoscopy and cineradiography allow ENTs to assess your swallowing function.

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Changes to the voice should be taken seriously. Hoarseness is a symptom of an underlying condition and can be caused by colds, allergies, reflux and a host of other conditions.

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When the muscle at the end of the esophagus doesn’t close properly, stomach contents back into the esophagus and cause a burning or irritating sensation. When this happens on a regular basis, seek medical attention from Golla ENT.

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Sore throat

A sore throat that doesn’t go away should be treated by an ENT doctor. Allergies or other chronic conditions may be the cause.

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Tonsil infection

Tonsillitis and tonsil stones are uncomfortable and lead to lost productivity at work and school. Don’t wait for tonsil conditions to become chronic. Tonsils can cause sleep apnea and difficulty with breathing or swallowing in adults as well as children.

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Dysphagia and feeding problems

Reflux, asthma and other breathing problems can lead to feeding and swallowing problems with infants and children. If the esophagus or larynx don’t function properly, feeding and swallowing are affected.

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Voice disorders

Polyps, nodules and cysts on the vocal cords can cause problems with the voice. Even if growths are benign, they still impact your vocal quality.

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