Earwax Removal

The color of ear wax is variable as is the consistency. It may be light yellow to orange to dark brown or nearly black in color.
Ear wax comes in a variety of consistency is as well. It may be soft or thick or peanut butter type consistency requiring removal by suction. It may be firm requiring instruments such as right angles or curettes for removal. It may be the combination requiring grasping forceps for removal.

Most cerumen removal is performed under the microscope. Irrigation is discouraged as it may lead to an outer ear canal infection or may introduce cerumen and water into the middle ear space ( if there’s an existing perforation). Rarely, forceful irrigations may lead to perforations. Fortunately , most patients do not require wax to be removed by a medical professional as it is protective in nature and usually not obstructive. If the wax buildup is excessive however symptoms may include difficulty hearing, clogged ear sensation , ear pain, ringing, irritation with talking , chewing or facial motion.

If you feel you’re having problems with earwax please call our office for a same day appointment.