When it comes to your healthcare, it matters that you always get the best person for the job. Someone that you are comfortable with, who is highly qualified and, in many cases, comes highly recommended. Selecting the right audiologist can feel like it might be a difficult task, and there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration before you make the final decisions.

What is an audiologist?

There are a number of different doctors and hearing specialists that you might see, one of those is an audiologist. An audiologist will work with infants, children, and adults. You might see the following qualifications Doctor of Audiology (Au.D), Doctor of Science in Audiology (Sc.D), Doctor of Philosophy in Audiology (Au.D). As well as the qualifications they will need to be licensed by the state that they practice in.


You know what your lifestyle is, the budget you have and how your hearing is right now. The right audiologist will need to meet those aspects for you. You are likely looking for a variety of choices in terms of treatments and payment plans. The more brands that they have access to, the more choices you will have when it comes to your care. Know that the ball is in your court.


This might be one of the more practical reasons for choosing an audiologist. However, it matters as much as any other reason. Having access to an audiologist that can repair your hearing aid should you need it is incredibly helpful. And, if they do offer this service, then check the general turnaround time and if there are hearing aids that you can use while yours is being mended. You might find that you can get free cleaning, checks and simple repairs while you wait.

Hearing protection

There is a lot more to hearing that many people think, and an audiologist will make sure that you are well educated on the impact your lifestyle might be having on your hearing. If you have a job that exposes you to loud noises for long periods of time. Or perhaps you swim often. They will be able to recommend and fit the right earplugs or other methods of hearing protection for many different types of people.


When it comes to choosing the right audiologist, the chances are the hearing tests are going to make a big difference in your decision. If you have children, then you need to know that the audiologist can perform comprehensive hearing tests for you and your children. And, it is important to note that hearing tests aren’t always just to diagnose hearing loss or other hearing issues. Instead, they can be to clear people for a particular job, or part of an in-depth health review.

Payment options

All good businesses will have a range of payment options to ensure that their clients, or in this case patients are able to get the service they need – and pay in a way that makes sense to them. There are often very different factors that come into play with any type of health care. Payment plans, hearing health insurance and the type of treatment that you need. Have a conversation with a potential audiologist or the reception staff and find out if they have something that will work for you.

Brand independence

This is a personal preference, and for some people, it won’t be a true consideration. You might prefer that the audiologist you have recommends products that do not come under a financial incentive for them to do so. Being brand-independent won’t usually impact the information or the care that you get, but you might find that you are recommended a specific brand a little more often.

Care practice

The experience of care begins before you step directly into the room with your audiologist, it starts the moment you walk into the entire building. How long the waiting times are, the cleanliness and organization of the reception and waiting area. The amount of delay on the appointment times, and how you are treated by staff. And, ideally you will want to deal with the same audiologist each time.

Accreditation and qualifications

This is probably the number one factor that will dictate if you decide to choose an audiologist or not. You would ideally like to see that your audiologist is in some organizations and has memberships to audiologist societies too. A university-qualification is essential.

When choosing your audiologist, you ideally want to have a good rapport with them too. Knowing they are qualified is essential, knowing you can get along with them, they are approachable and you trust them is incredibly valuable.

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